Spaghetti Lunghi: pasta artigianale di Regina dei Sibillini - Marche
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Spaghetti Lunghi

The most classic of the formats an endless version!

With its 50 cm. of length, this special spaghetti unites our tradition to the needs of the most refined dishes.
A time indeed, spaghetti were much longer than the current shape, than for convenience they have been cut.
Our spaghetto exits from the extruder in original length of one meter and is placed on the reeds for drying; subsequently it is deprived manually of the bow so as not to cause traumas to the pasta. 
An almost sartorial process that becomes precious in the delicate phase of the plating allowing to create an even more composed and elegant nest.
Section: rounded
Lenght: 500 mm
Diameter: 2,2 mm
Cooking time: 8-10 min.

  • : Box Spaghetti Lunghi 35,3OZ
  • : Box Spaghetti Lunghi 35,3OZ
    Box Spaghetti Lunghi 35,3OZ