Linea Senatore Cappelli
Senatore Cappelli

At the beginning of the 20th century, the genista Nazareno Strampelli from the Marche region (Crispiero di Castelraimondo, 29.05.1866- Roma, 23.01.1942) selected a special cultivar of autumnal durum wheat, starting from a nothafrican grain “Jenah Rhetifah”.

Issued in 1915, the new variety of wheat was dedicated to Raffaele Cappelli, marquis from the Abruzzo region and senator of the kingdom of Italy, that had started the agrarian reform in the Puglia region and supported Strampelli in the research activity with experimental fields, laboratories and other resources.

Tall, tardy, even if susceptible to allurement, this wheat obtained immediately a great success, due to its adaptability, its rusticity, but most of all to its excellent quality that today we are rediscovering.