The cultivation of durum wheat in the mountains requires great attention and it is made difficult by the climate, less favourable than the one on the hillside and characterized by frequent sudden jumps and spring frosts.

But we believed in it.
On our lands we grow only durum wheat, sowed at the end of October. The snow that falls between November and March covers it, hydrates it and protects it from freezing.

Is it the bond with the territory where we live, love and respect that brought us to undertake this journey The nature that surrounds us is what inspired us and the best way to honor it is to capture its taste, smell and colors.

From this concept also originates the logo of our pasta factory where mountain Priora, also called the Regina dei Sibillini, stands above all and its summit relapses into the territory of Montefortino. So the mountain is the center of all and it is here that our idea starts.

The respect for the territory, the will to improve and promote it, but also the consciousness of the need to know the provenance of what we eat, induced us to adhere at a regional microfiliera project. We are talking about a supply chain approved by Marche Region with a QM brand (Guaranteed quality of the Marche), that unites more farms placed in the area of the Sibillini Mountains, up to the mill that grindes it. It is then that Regina dei Sibillini transforms it into pasta.