Regina dei Sibillini produces classic pasta shapes

Regina dei Sibillini

Like a symphony the equilibrium and properties of different late cycle wheats combine together for a unique and delicious pasta. Many the shapes, from the classics bound to the simplicity of everyday life, to the ones born from our thoughts that run through memories, tradition and fantasy. Read more

Senatore Cappelli

A late cycle durum wheat with a very tall ear and a rustic caracter. An excellent flour with a very different kind of gluten. A long story born from this land that we want to celebrate with a monovariety selection. Read more

Linea Integrale

Una sfida: riuscire a portare sulla tavola una versione ancora più completa del nostro grano di montagna. Nasce così la nostra pasta Integrale, che conserva tutte le componenti del chicco assieme alle loro preziose proprietà. Read more