Moccolotti: pasta artigianale di Regina dei Sibillini - Marche
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Known also as rigatoni, the moccolotti have a shape that is very loved in the Marche region.

The name derives from their resemblance with the candle-end (moccolotti) that remains after burning. Popular are the "moccolotti de lo vatte", with their special sauce made with meat, they were used to celebrate the threshing of the wheat. For us they are the memory of the "moccolotti col sugo" (moccolotti with meat sauce) that our grandmother Rosina cooked for us when we were small, we relished  them with the enlarged family just the way it used to be some time ago.


Lenght: 45mm

Diameter: 16mm

Cooking time: 9-11 min.


  • : Short pasta
    Box 500 g.