Stringhette: pasta artigianale di Regina dei Sibillini - Marche
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Maccheroni alla chitarra, in the Marche region known as stringhetti.

Long, rough, square.

In ancient times they were made by pressing the paste on a wooden tool that had taut and parallel steel wires, similar to a guitar: from this comes the name “maccheroni alla chitarra” (guitar noodles). In the Marche region they are known as stringhetti, but from us comes the name stringhette, bringing to mind the leather shoe laces that tied the boots of mountaineers in the past epoch.


Section: squared
Lenght: 260 mm
Thickness: 2,08 mm
Cooking time: 10-12 min


  • : Long pasta
    Box 500 g
  • : Box 7,05OZ